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How A Live-In Couple Can Help Your House Run Smoothly

Employing a domestic working couple to help take care of your home and household can be an excellent choice when looking to hire staff. In the majority of cases, these are married couples, or a pair in a long-term partnership, who work together in different roles for the benefit of the household. Often, they may each take on additional task and can in some cases be the only people who are employed. In other cases the domestic working couple take on the roles of estate managers or they work together as house managers.

There can be real benefits to employing a couple. Not only can they share the responsibilities of their positions, but they can work harmoniously to help to the estate or household run smoothly. Depending on the chosen couple, they may work in town or country, as well as abroad.

Couples can be the perfect choice for clients who would like to maintain the security and care of a residence when they are away, e.g. if they have pets and gardens that require care in their absence.

One of the best aspects of employing a couple is the fact that they are a ready-made partnership, adding stability to their roles and often staying long-term as required. They tend to be more open to working evenings or weekends since they work with their partner. In return they will require accommodation and usually the use of a car.

Each person with the domestic working couple may be able to take on the main roles that your household requires, with combinations such as a housekeeper and a butler, or a housekeeper cook and a handyman gardener, or a nanny and gardener, or an estate management couple.

Of course, there are many more combinations possible and couples may have had experience in more than one type of role, offering true flexibility. Should you wish to look into hiring a couple for your residence or estate, please contact us on 020 7960 6292.

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