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How a Household manager can help you gain time.

Household Manager Role

The role of the modern day Butler or House Manager has moved on from the classic “Angus Hudson” figures of the 19th Century. Although, they may still share all the same traditional familiarities with their past counterparts such as formal table servicing, cleaning and valeting, house managers are now expected to possess so much more.

In order for you to live free from the stresses of modern life household managers are expected to be multi-talented, multi-tasking individuals with a hands-on attitude in order to rise to any type of challenge. They may also be required to have additional skills such as multiple languages, computer literacy and background knowledge of their client’s work and interests. This is exactly what we provide. Perfect Household Staff offers bespoke services tailored to your every need in order to relieve you from the mundane but necessary tasks of everyday life.

Household Manager Responsibilities and Skills

Our experienced and trained household mangers’ responsibilities include supervising other staff whilst always stepping and helping them whenever needed, organising your accounts and managing the daily business routine. They can also manage multiple households whether at home or abroad. No need for a full time household manager? No problem they can become part-time managers who can combine their roles and take on other job roles such as a personal assistant, nanny, chef, butler or chauffeur.

The household managers vast range of skills are tailored to respond to your every need to ensure a smooth running of your estate therefore providing you with time to enjoy the finer things in life.

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