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House managers can be critical to the smooth running of their employer's life, home and staff.

House managers can be critical to the smooth running of their employer's life, home and staff.

Emma Jacobs of the Financial Times looks at how these domestic professionals support the affluent.

The duties of a house manager have changed substantially over the years. There are still traditional house manager jobs available however we have experienced far more requests for the recruitment of a modern day house manager.


What are the traditional house manager duties?

  • Formal table service and service of drinks
  • Valeting
  • Care of the wine cellar
  • Cleaning of silver and care of fine antiques and art
  • Organisation of shoots and care of guns

Live Stress-Free, The Modern Household Manager keeps your Home Running Smoothly

Below you will find an outline of the requirements, skills and duties associated with the role.

Modern Household managers’ responsibilities include;

  • supervising all the other staff
  • managing the household budgets
  • admin tasks
  • liaising with suppliers and contractors
  • planning events

All of Perfect Household Staff's house managers have experience in running large luxury properties or estates and have started their careers in the hospitality industry.

Many are skilled at running a large property portfolio of several properties simultaneously and looking after homes overseas, so however long your list of requirements may be, we will have an expertly trained member of staff that can fulfil them.

A good household manager can rise to every challenge and will always step in to help other staff when needed as well as supervising and co-ordinating the whole team.

Household managers will be very used to managing and training staff and have the financial skills needed to manage your accounts, the payroll and household inventories. They can also run your business schedule and day-to-day diary as well as planning all of your events down to the last detail.

If you feel you don't have the need for a full-time house manager, then we can provide one who combines the role with another job, such as a PA, nanny, chef, butler or chauffeur.

We realize that every household and estate is entirely unique, so we offer a bespoke service that helps you find the staff that perfectly suit your needs.

Filmed by Steve Ager, Nicola Stansfield, Petros Gioumpasis, Richard Topping. Additional material: Getty. Animations by Russell Birkett. Edited by Nick Swinglehurst and Seb Morton-Clark. Produced by Nalini Sivathasan and Seb Morton-Clark.

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