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Hire a bilingual nanny: Raising open minded children

Hire a bilingual nanny: Raising open minded children

A lot of issues and arguments have been raised on the topic of bilingual children. While some people belief that raising a child to be bilingual might cause the child to mix both languages others believe that a bilingual education is the place to start. If you agree that a bilingual background is the best way to raise your children, but you feel like they might not get that in school or in your family, we have the solution. We offer both bilingual and multilingual nanny services, making sure your children acquire both languages as well as taking care of them.

A bilingual caretaker can help your child gain mastery in a language other than the one spoken at home. As the caretaker will be with the child most of the time, the child will be able to learn the language just by undertaking normal activities. Besides from this the nanny will also show the child a different culture and ethnicity giving the child the early opportunity to become more open minded with different aspects in the world. As well as developing communicating skills a bilingual nanny can also help the child’s growing interest in other countries other than his.

As a bilingual raised person, I can sincerely say that being able to speak two languages without problem is something envied by a lot of people. From the day I was born my mum only spoke Spanish to me and my dad only spoke English. I was forced to change languages when speaking to each one of them and I remember it used to complicate things when I was smaller. However, now I have no problem being in a conversation with the two and jumping from one language to the other all the time. It is true at some point in my childhood I used to speak some kind of “Spanglish”, mixing both languages in a sentence. Despite the fact that I was confused and I mixed the languages I think that is normal in a child and that as you grow up one will be able to distinguish them.

If you want your children to improve their memory, improve their social skills and also improve their ability to focus, hiring a bilingual nanny might be the solution to all of your desires.

Call us, we offer bilingual nannies ranging from Russian to Spanish and more!


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