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Giving you the free time you deserve

What should one do with their free time in London, newly obtained?

The main reason our clients value Perfect Household Staff is because we furnish them the freedom to enjoy their free time.

Spare moments are so precious in modern society, our lives always seem to be full of work, home life and a million other things.

London is a vast mixing cauldron of activities readily available. As businesses jostle for the best way to grab your attention finding the gems among this gallimaufry of opportunities can be no easy task.  

London life should not be all work and no play

For those who enjoy a more discreet environment, maybe to meet with clients and network with those of a similar ilk or just a more refined environment to relax in, there are a number of private members clubs to choose from in central London. 

The Art club of Dover street, Mayfair has to be one of the more interesting of these

As you may imagine given its name, The Art Club was fashioned in 1863 for those who appreciate the arts Literature and sciences and holds regular exhibitions today.


Membership is open to both men and women with spouse memberships available. As well as the regular exhibitions they have an interesting permanent collection. The club offers an array of elegantly designed areas for their members from the Drawing Room to the livelier Brasserie.

And for the ladies who are looking for one of the healthiest environments in London

The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental of Knightsbridge, London is a claiming haven where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. They offer a range of spa treatments, a fitness centre and wet spa facilities for you to enjoy.

To get the full experience we recommend taking the Inner Wellness holistic journey, this four and a half hour program will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to once again face a normal day in the life of you.  We applaud them for having just won the category for “Best UK Luxury Hotel Spa 2014” in the World Luxury Spa Awards, this is a great achievement.

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