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Get away from rest of the world - An exclusive destination you can only reach by Private jet, guaranteeing you a relaxing environment

There are thousands of amazing destinations in the world to explore, relax and if you are like me, photograph. Finding the handful of special exclusive places away from the well-trodden track cannot always be an easy task.

 In January we told you about the hot destination for this summer Montenegro and told you about Porto Montenegro the resort that offers you luxury on the water and an exclusive waterside resort and shopping for those interested in the latest European fashions.

Madagascar Perfect Household Staff

If you hanker for remoteness, calm and tranquillity, a place where the sound of the sea soothes you to sleep and the noise of the local wildlife wakes you to a new day, I have just been recommended a place you might want to consider for your next world trip.

You may think Madagascar is a little Island thousands of miles off the East African coast, in the heart of the Indian Ocean. In fact the "small island" of Madagascar is more than twice the size of the UK and only 250 miles from the eastern shore of Africa.

Madagascar is home to an abundance of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth, a place where more than 90% of its bird, animals and plant life are only found on this magical island.

Recently I was told about Anjajavy le lodge. This magical retreat is set on a private nature reserve of more than 550 hectares that has no road in or out. In fact the only way to reach this remote beachy corner of the world is by private jet from Antananarivo Airport.

If you are looking for Luxury that is off the beaten track perhaps on the way back from a trip to South Africa and away from the crowds then this remote peninsular could be your next world travel destination.

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