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For those of us who love to travel, 2014 brings a chance for new adventures

As we move in to the darkest period of the UK’s year, if you are like me you will be starting to think about getting away from the, at best tepid weather in search of warmer climes.

Montenegro in the Eastern Mediterranean as been on the Superyacht "port of call" list again since 2011, partly due to the British financier and visionary Nat Rothschild. Rothschild was quick to take advantage of the newly re-opened boarders by creating the award winning development Porto Montenegro.

This country has opened up its borders again and welcomes travellers from all over the world.

The facilities at Porto Montenegro have certainly grabbed the attention of the World’s Elite traveller. This captivating location coupled with luxury facilities is expected to be one of the hotspots to be seen at in 2014.

Porto Montenegro

You can fly to direct to Tivat airport that has regular scheduled flights from Europe. This local airport is well equipped to accommodate private aircrafts for those who like to travel in style. The flight time from London is less than two hours.

What if you want to get away before this Mediterranean hotspot heats up?

If you can’t wait for the Mediterranean to heat up once again then you might want to consider some of the most exclusive secrete spots in the Caribbean.

If you have visited this fantastic part of the world before you may have stayed at one of the many luxury resorts available, but if you are looking for something that a resort just cannot offer then here are some ideas you might not have heard of but should definitely be on your to do list.

Tortola, BVI

Little Thatch Cay

Little Thatch is a 54 acre private island a stone’s throw from the BVI’s main Island of Tortola. This discreet and idyllic spot has captivating views of Jost van dyke and Great Thatch to the North and Mary Creek, St John to the south and is worlds away from the normal resort experience. This spot is very private but still offers all that the rest of the Caribbean has to offer on the doorstep if you desire it.

Steele Point

If you would prefer to stay on the main Island but still require a more discreet location you might want to consider the Steele Point estate. The views from Steele Point truly do need to be seen to be believed.

Local legend has it that Captain Black Beard, whose home anchorage was Soper’s Hole, evaded capture by stationing men at the top of Steele Point to keep an eye on for the British fleet sneaking around the top of Tortola.

It doesn’t have to be hard to find somewhere special to visit on our expansive and diverse planet, you just need to know where to look.


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