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Duties of a Household Manager

Duties of a Household Manager

Jobs involving household staff come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perhaps the largest, in terms of scope of responsibility and level of skill required, is the role of the Household Manager. To hire a Household Manager ensures the running of your home goes smoothly and efficiently.

Duties of the Household Manager

If you were to hire a Household Manager they are responsible for the other members of the household staff such as any nannies, housekeepers, chauffeurs and chefs. They will be responsible for the supervision, scheduling and hiring of these members of staff.

Household Manager’s responsibilities will also encompass hands on duties. 
They will be expected to rise to any challenge and will always step in to help any other staff when needed. This could vary greatly from child care to catering.

Many managers also have the financial skills to manage your accounts, the day to day running of your business and keep payrolls and inventories up to date.

Why hire a household manager over another type of household staff with extended duties?

A household manager can oversee large estates with many household members and can even supervise multiple estates which could be in the U.K or overseas. Their services are bespoke to your household needs. For instance, the estate could require many social or maintenance obligations and therefore a household manager would be more efficient than simply a chauffeur with extended duties.

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