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Downton Abbey has placed the Traditional British Butler in high demand

In our blog post in February 2013 "The Carson Effect – Britain’s Great Butlers" we talked about the history of the British Butler, looking back to 1888 where we have a fairly good understanding for what it took to be this key member of the household servants.

As Downton Abbey continues to grow in popularity we have noticed an ever increasing surge in demand for qualified and experienced butlers. Now in high demand, not only in England but across the world from China and Russia to the Middle East and the USA.

The World has certainly changed a great deal in the last one hundred and fifty years. The skill base required has certainly broadened, but what hasn't changed is what it means to be a Traditional British Butler. The core values remain the same.

In some circles it is considered a status symbol, the appeal of the Angelo Butler is far reaching, global in fact

Butlers hand


But Why?

Firstly tradition - The aristocracy of Great Britain have been served by Butlers almost as long, if not longer than they have been drinking the tea that they are being served.

The training in Britain has not changed much in the last 50 years (if you discount the use of smartphones and ipads), the values held today are the same that have been held for a millennium, passed down from teacher to student, from generation to generation.

And we suppose another big reason is, as countries around the world become more affluent the upper classes begin to travel more, see other cultures and begin to import element of these other cultures that they feel will compliment their lifestyles. Fine Art from France or Italy, Super Yachts from the Denmark and Butlers from Great Britain are at the top of the list. Quality after all, denotes status. 

In truth we cannot be 100% sure of all the reasons why, Downton Abbey has certainly played its part, but what we do know is demand seems to be growing. 

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