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Domestic housekeeping tips on dealing with lime scale

Domestic housekeeping tips on dealing with lime scale

How can a housekeeper clean lime scale buildup caused by hard water?

In this article we will demonstrate several housekeeping tips on how to remove hard water buildup and prevent damage to your kitchen appliances, tableware and fixtures. Prevention is better than cure.

Any water which contains a large amounts of mineral content such as magnesium, calcium or other dissolved minerals is considered hard water. When hard water dries on a surface, it will leave a mark which if cleaned properly can be easily removed. Other than leaving a stain, if not treated properly or using preventative measures, hard water can damage your appliance, fixtures as well as the tableware which it is in contact with.

In order to avoid damage, we will uncover some useful tips for removing hard water buildup as soon as you notice it.

How to effectively remove hard water buildup from Sinks and Bathtubs?

Sinks and bathtubs must be cleaned on a frequent basis in order to prevent hard water buildup. This is easily achieved by using a spray bottle to spray citric acid (lemon juice) or vinegar on the effected surface and leaving it for around 25 minutes to work its magic. Following this procedure, the surface needs to be wiped down. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary before the build up is completely gone.

How to clean hard water stains in a dishwasher?

It is advisable to clean a dishwasher on a monthly basis. If neglected, the dishwasher can leave white stains on cutlery, glassware and serving dishes. The procedure is very simple, just by adding a glass of white vinegar or citric acid to an empty cycle and turning it on, it will remove hard water build up. There are also a range of dishwasher cleaners available at your local store.

As prevention, a housekeeper can use a dishwasher detergent which contains a water softener. There are also more permanent solutions such as purchasing a dishwasher with a built in water softener or installing a water softener for the properties’ water system.

How to remove hard water buildup from a Washing Machine?

By adding around 4 litres of white vinegar to a hot water cycle, it will remove hard water buildup inside the washing machine. This process must to be completed on a regular basis in order to avoid damage to your clothing and appliance due to neglect.

If you notice that clothing is looking faded or the employer complains that their clothing is feeling uncomfortable, it is a warning sign that the washing machine needs to be cleaned.

A good tip from professional housekeepers is to keep a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule. With prior planning, the removal of hard water stains will be very simple to complete.

To sum up, it can be a very costly mistake when a housekeeper does not stay on top of lime scale. Please never forget, prevention is better than cure.

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