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Dickins & Hawkes

Dickins & Hawkes

Dickins & Hawkes, founded by Jo Scrase Dickins and Ric Hawkes, is a production company offering the opportunity to experience life in a manner than until now would have been impossible without having been to the manor born. This unique service allows people to experience, first hand, the life that only Lords & Ladies of 1920's manor houses would be accustomed to.

A Moment to Remember

Not only do these wonderful people provide the experience of a lifetime and make you feel like you've been transported back in time, they record it all with excellent period features too. The experience will be covered on celluloid and in print, so when guests return back to 'reality' Dickins & Hakwes' expertly edited footage can be played as a reminder of what an amazing time was had. Don't be fooled, this film won't be your standard 1080p video recording, it will be set to their especially composed period music and delivered in a format that would suit life in the 1920's.

With some of the largest estates in the United Kingdom, period clothing, vintage modes of transport and trained film-makers to discreetly capture this unforgettable event it's no surprise that we're proud to showcase our involvement with this excellent company. We have an excellent working relationship with D&H and would personally recommend their services to any of our clients.

Find out More

If you're interested in looking at what Dickins & Hawkes have to offer in more detail, take a look at their stunning gallery to get an insight into their world, in pictures:

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