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Client Sensitivity And The Candidate Selection Process

Client Sensitivity And The Candidate Selection Process

Multiculturalism is a topic often heard discussed socially and in business, particularly in a city such as London; a city that prides itself on cultural diversity and tolerance. Naturally, our clients come from a multitude of different backgrounds; different countries, different races, different religions and above all, different needs. The same is true of our candidates.
Understanding the needs of our clients is our top concern, and by understanding, we mean getting to know them well enough to uncover specific requirements and potential sensitivities that may require us to screen potential candidates a little more closely in some areas before we place somebody.14899680 s

While candidate selection, or client selection for that matter, is not based upon profiling of a racial or religious nature, we are careful to ensure that the staff we place have the necessary level of awareness and sensitivity towards our clients cultural and physical needs.

A simple example is food. Client’s religious backgrounds may require abstinence or fasting at certain times and the permanent exclusion of certain food types or specific preparation methods to be observed. Food choices may not just come down to a client’s cultural background either, it may be a medical necessity if allergies are involved.15323783 s

Another is dress; modesty prevails in some cultures and this may be reflected in the household too.

Our candidates are often keen to demonstrate their suitability for particular roles, for instance; they may submit photos and other documentation to demonstrate their suitability. These images get passed to the client too, if we feel them appropriate to do so. In once instance, a couple applying for a country estate management job submitted an image that was serve as demonstration of their affinity for domesticated farm animals, in this case a piglet; which was unfortunate given the middle eastern cultural and religious background of the client. Of course, at that stage in the process, the candidates were unaware of that detail.

We screen our candidates thoroughly during that process and aim to uncover the level of awareness a candidate may have for these issues and many more. It is critically important that the candidate we eventually place with a client, fully understands the client’s needs and sensitivities.

Of course, it works both ways too; a candidate we place as member of your household staff needs to be comfortable in the placement too. Often, this is as basic as working in an environment of mutual respect. It’s all to easy to consider a staff member as just an employee, but if they are working closely with your family on a daily basis, such as a nanny, a deeper relationship may beneficial, particularly for the children’s sake. This can only happen if the nanny has a solid working relationship with the parents, one based on mutual respect.

Ensuring the staff we place have a sound understanding of a client’s cultural or specific physical needs is at the heart of our selection process, as too is ensuring that the client and candidate are an excellent match for each other. These are some of the many professional attributes that make Perfect Household Staff the perfect choice for your staffing needs.

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