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Can A Domestic Staff Agency Help With Private Security?

Can A Domestic Staff Agency Help With Private Security?

Our answer would be; who better? We know our clients very well and know how problematic it can be for a family that is suddenly confronted by the very real issues of personal safety and having to take bodyguards and anti-kidnapping measures very seriously. 

Naturally, high-net-worth individuals, diplomats and celebrities make attractive targets for would be fraudsters and especially kidnappers. 

Rio Olympics 2016

A case in point: The very high profile kidnap of Bernie Ecclestone’s mother-in-law in São Paulo, Brazil recently. Luckily this turned out positive as she was found and freed unharmed and without having to pay some £28m in ransom money.

Coincidentally, we are midway through the Olympics, held in Brazil too. Perhaps those involved in the Ecclestone affair were just practicing ahead of the influx of VIP’s and dignitaries flocking to Rio. Rio  of course is a notorious hotspot for criminal activity and kidnapping while not particularly high on the list of favoured mood operandi, should still be taken very seriously, along with violent armed robbery and targeted theft (burglary and muggings). It was quite a similar state of affairs during the 2014 World Cup. Visiting personalities and HNWI’s had to pay particular care to personal safety issues. 

Personal security is a specialist area and not something that comes easy to a family if they’ve never experienced it before. It’s a two way process too. Personal security staff rely on clients having at least a basic understanding of the situations they face and basic do’s and don’ts, largely because small things can often undermine even complex personal security operations - such as letting friends know you movements via social media, which may have been compromised.

Personal Security

Perfect Household Staff can offer a complete personal security service to its valued clients. The benefit of using our service is that we know you as a client. We may have placed your staff and even if we didn’t, we know how to screen them from a security perspective, as we have to do this when placing staff for clients with high public visibility.

We are also well placed to help our clients understand and adapt to the rigours that come with private security, especially when it relates to having a security detail with you on a business trip or vacation to somewhere like Rio to experience the Olympics.

If you or your family are planning a trip to a high risk location, it’s never too late to plan your security. Perfect Household Staff can advise you every step of the way, from initial security briefings, staff checks, personal bodyguards, to ensuring your foreign temporary residences have been secured prior to your arrival.

Call one of our security advisors today to make arrangements to discuss your security, discretely.

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