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Build a Brilliant Relationship with Your Nanny

When you employ a nanny, having a good working relationship with her is one of the most important aspects of maintaining harmony in the home. A nanny has a crucial role, but one that families can respond to quite emotively. In order to make sure your family benefits from the best possible relationship here are some simple Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do offer regular, structured feedback so that your nanny knows how she is doing. Make the feedback is considered, accurate, specific and fair, so that it can be used to guide future behaviour and strengthen the nanny/family bond.
  • Do have realistic expectations. Whilst any good nanny wants to carry out your wishes, it will not be exactly as you would do it at all times – this is simply impossible. If it is clear that she has the children’s interests at heart and is a willing, responsible, pleasant person, you have the makings of an excellent relationship.
  • Don’t let petty resentments and misunderstanding fester. It is unlikely that your employee will be trying to irk you with small matters, so if it is not important, you might decide to ‘let it ride’. Simply pick your battles, as with children. If an issue is important to you, always address it head on.
  • Do remember the ‘Feedback Sandwich’. In other words, if you have a criticism to make, start and finish with a positive point. For example:

    “You’re such a bright, sociable person I love the children being around you. However, it would be great if you could text less often when you are minding them please. That way they’ll always get plenty of your attention, which makes them so happy.”

  • Don’t overdo the tweaks and changes. Give your nanny time to settle into doing things her way, guiding as you go. No one wants an employer who constantly nit-picks, so learn to relax into a relationship built on positivity and trust.
  • Do let your nanny have her say too, within reason, so that your relationship becomes a two-way street.
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