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Boost Your Skills Base – Our Courses

Many of our excellent candidates have experience in more than one area. For example, a number of first-rate housekeepers have also work as nannies, cooks, lady’s maids and PAs. Increasingly, some combine a current housekeeper role with just such a position. In busy modern households, a housekeeper-cook or housekeeper-PA may be an even more invaluable asset to the smooth-running of the home.

If you are looking to boost your employability, one way to ensure that you are always in demand is to make sure you are qualified to the best of your ability, as well to make yourself available for more than one role. Perfect Household Staff offer excellent courses for those who wish to hone their skills and learn new ones that will make them a highly desirable employee.

One course is ideal for nannies and au pairs, as well as housekeepers and other domestic staff – our cooking course. Designed by a qualified nutritionist to enable domestic staff to increase their skill in preparing nutritious food for babies and children it also covers food hygiene and dealing with specialist requirements like allergies, or diets for certain religious groups. Attend for just £99 and gain a certificate of attendance or add coursework complete the full OCN Level 3 qualification for £140.

Another fantastic course is for those who have responsibility for driving their clients and wish to maximise their chauffeur credentials. The 10-day course comprises, 5 days BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Advanced Driving and 5 days, BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Security Chauffeuring. This dynamic combination of disciplines can elevate an already excellent chauffeur into the ranks of a driver worthy of international Royal households, for whom the Security Chauffeuring is a pre-requisite. There are also tailor-made courses on offer, to improve the skills of individual employees.

At Perfect Household Staff we believe in working with true professionals and so hugely welcome the opportunity to offer such outstanding courses to candidates. To find out more about these courses or to discuss training, please call 020 7960 6292.

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