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Benefits of being a domestic staff employer

Having your own domestic staff can be a wonderful privilege and most of all it is a great help to your household. Whether you are looking to hire a chef, nanny, gardener, chauffeur, butler or other members of staff, here are some of the benefits:

  • Enjoy having important tasks taken care of – With a nanny, you will always know the children are safe and looked after; with a chef you never again have to worry about weekly suppers and weekend dinner parties…a major role can be completely taken care of by a genuine specialist.
  • Save yourself time – With a specialised member of staff to take over certain tasks, you can enjoy turning your hand to other matters, including greater leisure and relaxation.
  • Benefit from an expert 24/7 – Live-in staff are always on hand during their working hours to advise about matters that they specialise in, whether it concerns an issue with the children’s activities, the family car or the climbing roses.
  • Enjoy the cream of good service – There is nothing like a chef-cooked dinner, or a chauffeur-driven trip to the theatre, for example, to make you feel special.
  • Maintain multiple households effectively – Many clients have more than one residence and employing domestic staff can be the best way of making sure key tasks are taken care of even when not at home.
  • Increase your capacity to entertain – Let your friends and family benefit from the extra staffing support. With a live-in nanny to mind the children, a highly skilled chef to deliver some culinary treats and a butler to give excellent service, everything is in place for first-class entertaining.

Should you wish to enjoy all these and more benefits by hiring exceptional domestic staff, we are on hand to guide and advise. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements on 020 7960 6292.

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