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A Nanny Housekeeper vs A Governess

A Nanny Housekeeper vs A Governess

Just as the name suggests, a Nanny Housekeeper is someone who cares for your children and also perform general housework such as washing, ironing, cooking, amongst other household tasks. They generally live with your family and always there for you to count on. 

Usually, parents who have a newborn or have more than one child, want a nanny who can focus on the children. A nanny, in this case, oversees the wellbeing of your children, from bathing, feeding, playing educational games with them to teaching them words and sentences in a clean and safe environment. As the emphasis is on the safety of your children, you may want the nanny to take care of other household chores as and when time permits.

Hiring a Nanny - the Choices

As the children grow and start to attend pre-school, you have two options:

You can continue with the nanny but adjust her role to increase household chores, from collecting the children from school, cooking, cleaning, washing, to running errands. Some clients often refer to this position as a Nanny Housekeeper and maybe even an element of a PA’s duties, so admin duties such as paying bills and taking care of the family’s social calendar are part of the arrangements. Of course, this is all something you should have discussed prior to hiring the nanny - nanny housekeeper.

 Alternatively, the role of your nanny may evolve into a Governess, and may require a different person with the appropriate skills. A Governess is a senior nanny who usually has a teaching background and can make sure that your children’s social development and education needs are met. A Governess’ roles usually include:

•Assisting your children with their homework for a wide range of subjects.

•Developing your children’s social skills and social etiquette. This can range from toy sharing to the ability to start and continue a conversation without distraction.  

•Leading educational outings to the zoo, museums and botanical gardens. 

•Teaching your children a new language or a musical instrument. 

How a Governess Can Help

 Depending on the situation, a governess may not tend to household chores. For example, she may plan a well-balanced diet for your children, but may not do the shopping, cooking and cleaning herself. 

 Needless to say, the quality of the governess is of upmost importance. At PHS, we provide a bespoke service that always meets our clients’ needs. If you require a governess with a specific skill, let us know, we take away the stress and anxiety of hiring a Nanny or a Governess. You can count on us.

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