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10 Reasons Why you Should Hire a Gardener

Having a gardener is considered a luxury by some, an absolute necessity for others. There is no doubt that have a pair – or more - of skilled horticultural hands can prove to be a fantastic asset and there is no need to own an estate the size of Balmoral either. We look at 10 great reasons to hire a gardener:

  1. Keeping a neat lawn – A perfectly manicured lawn is believed to be the obsession of the Englishman. Whilst we certainly agree that a beautiful lawn graces any home, not everyone has the time or inclination to look after it themselves. And a gardener will know how to get those stripes spot on!
  2. Indulge your Grand Designs for your garden – You may have a creative streak when it comes to flora and herbaceous borders, but lack the practical skills to grow them as required. Hand over to the experts and look forward to surveying the results.
  3. Free up your time – Adding a gardener to your domestic staff can save you many hours of outdoor labour. Even if you enjoy an occasional potter outdoors, they can take over the bulk of the work.
  4. Tree maintenance is a specialist affair - Don’t take risks with trees in your garden. Ensure a specialist gardener and/or tree surgeon keeps them in tip-top shape.
  5. Seasonal tidying – Piles of leaves in autumn, iced over ponds in winter, planting for spring… A great gardener rolls with the seasons and will keep your homestead in great shape all year round.
  6. Benefit from a kitchen garden – If growing your own vegetables appeals, but you haven’t the time or know-how, bring in a gardener to oversee your veg from soil to table.
  7. See neglected plants thrive – Even the most proud homeowners may not know which soil their ornamental ferns would prefer, or how to perk up a small orchard. Call in the experts and watch your garden bloom.
  8. Enhance your features – You may want your pergola sprucing up, decking cleaned or driveway weed and good gardener and/or team will take care of the lot.
  9. Child/pet-proof your garden – Whether you need fencing to keep in man’s best friend or to tackle a pond or poisonous berries, a gardener is ideal.
  10. Gain a resident expert – As living areas, gardens often present challenges that need expert advice to resolve. Enjoy having your own private expert.
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