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PHS Job 1559, Full time Nanny Vacancy, Live-out Nanny job, Permanent Nanny Job, Notting Hill Nanny Vacancy , Salary 40k GBP/Gross

PHS Job 1559, Full time Nanny Vacancy, Live-out Nanny job, Permanent Nanny Job, Notting Hill Nanny Vacancy , Salary 40k GBP/Gross

Job Description
Agency: Perfect Household Staff

Job 1559

Our household staffing agency has been helping jobseekers to find nanny jobs for over a decade. We are one of the top nanny agencies in the UK. If you are looking to be employed as private nanny, you have come to the right place.

We are looking for a professional nanny for the children of our new clients, a friendly family. The position is located in Notting Hill, London where the families permanent home is.

The ideal candidate will be highly qualified, be knowledgeable about child's development and be experienced in working with high profile families. It is important to be a good team player as there is a fully staffed team of domestic helpers.

The successful candidate is expected to undertake all duties and responsibilities associated thereto and as may be determined by the Principals from time to time. These will include, but are not limited to, the duties and responsibilities set out below:
Looking after the children’s needs, welfare, development and health and safety, including putting the children to bed every night, bathe the children, brush teeth etc.
Collecting the children from school.
Maintaining the Children’s social calendar – Adding everything to the Children’s diary. School dates, play dates, doctors appointments etc.
Keep up to date with the children’s firefly and emails from the school.
Liaising with the Children’s mother and the Family PA on anything child related.
Supervision, playing and entertaining the children.
Exercise, teaching and training, including teaching appropriate behaviour.
Encouraging development in skills and homework such as reading, writing, arithmetic, foreign language learning, drawing, music, dressing, telling the time, etc.
Keeping the children’s playroom, bedrooms and bathroom tidy every day and clean up after eating.
Shopping for the children’s needs – School, Educational, Birthday gifts and whatever may be required from the family. (Liaising with the family PA)
Promote social interaction with children’s peers through social activities, outings, classes, playdates and adventures.
Accompany children to doctor or dental appointments when necessary with mum.
Sort out all of children’s books and toys – discarding anything that is no longer used, needed, faulty or broken. Try to fix anything if possible.
Ensuring that the children’s clothes are kept in good repair and fit the children.
Prepare and manage children’s clothing daily for school, during and after travel abroad. Please ensure the correct items are washed and ironed for the correct time, giving the staff as much notice as possible.
Preparing snacks for the children.
Keeping any room tidy after use by you and the children.
On Monday clean the playroom and playroom bathroom - sort toys, hoover floor, dust.
Children’s medicine cupboard - Please check all dates
Ensure the safety and overall development of the children
All disciplinary methods are to be discussed with EBP before implementation
Keep the Childrens school and homework up to date and filed with calendar.
Be on top of all the children’s belongings along with the live in nanny and ensure when they leave the house they have snacks and water with them.

Position Type: Permanent, Live-Out, Full-time

Working Week: Monday to Friday 11:00 – 19:30 and 9:00 – 19:30 during School holidays

Days Off: Saturday & Sunday or Friday & Saturday
You may be required to work on a weekend in lieu of another working day to cover the live in Nanny’s days off usually 2 Sundays a month. During school holidays or the children being off school ill your hours will be 9:00 – 19:30
Holiday: 25 days + Public Holidays (if you are needed to work a public holiday you will get this time back in lieu)

Salary: Negotiable, around 40000 GBP Gross/ year


At least 5 years of private educating experience
UK working permit
Pedagogical education
Well-mannered and polite
'Hands-on' and flexible
Excellent references

If you are personally interested in the vacancy or are aware of another potential candidate who may be interested in such a vacancy, please apply via the website or email .

We are always exited to register new applicants and are happy to answer any questions our candidates have on the vacancies! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call +44 (0) 203 318 4468

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