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PHS 1532, House Managing Couple, Live-in, Full-time, Permanent, 68,000 GBP Gross/ Year

PHS 1532, House Managing Couple, Live-in, Full-time, Permanent, 68,000 GBP Gross/ Year

Job Description
PHS 1532

Our clients, a friendly family with three children aged 12, 8 and 6, who are located in a historical part of England , Sussex, are looking for an experienced House Managing couple.

The family's cozy property has 8 bedrooms and although it is a fairly large, not all of the rooms are used on a daily basis. The property has fine art, marble, hand-painted walls, antique furniture and due to this we are looking for the candidates with relevant experience.

The successful candidates are expected to do cooking and silver service on occasion as well as to be flexible, trustworthy, energetic and honest.

Type: Full-time, Live-in, Permanent

Working hours: Flexible hours, 10 hours/ day

Working days: 5 days/ week
Salary: Negotiable

Driving Licence: Required

Languages: English
Starting date: as soon as COVID19 crisis ends
Private accommodation with a bathroom will be provided.

Housekeeper duties:
Housekeeper is responsible for day to day smooth running of the house.
All normal housekeeping elements such as bed turn downs, cleaning, tidying, laundry, fire setting, washing up etc
Shopping, flowers, household admin present
Cooking for the family
Assistance with meet and greet, food prep, drinks pouring, food serving and other hospitality related efforts important.
Organisation the cupboards
Kitchen cleaning
Keeping the general areas clean and tidy (eg. returning misplaced items, emptying the bins, dusting, wiping away marks, watering plants, dusting doors, removing finger prints from likely areas)
Keeping bedrooms clean and tidy (eg. changing of the bed linens, taking away dirty laundry, dusting, replacing water and toiletries)

Handyman/ Gardener duties may include but not limited :

Estate maintenance (machinery, equipment, fencing, irrigation)
Responsible for the management and maintenance of the Estates property, mechanical/electrical/plumbing/media and physical assets (main house, stable block and outbuildings, pool house, swimming pool, tennis court, gates and security cameras and systems)
Varied support with housekeeper
Responsible for lawns, garden/herb area and patios around house
Arrange and oversee tradesmen (incl. window cleaning, pool, tennis court)
Oversee security of the estate particularly when principals are absent
Occasionally drive principals to/from station/restaurant/airport/etc
Clean and generally look after cars
Maintain garden machinery and arrange repairs/servicing

>If you are personally interested in the vacancy or are aware of another potential candidate who may be interested in such a vacancy, please apply via the website or email

We are always exited to register new applicants and are happy to answer any questions our candidates have on the vacancies!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call +44 (0) 203 318 4468

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