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Tips for Finding Staff to Suit your Family

When it comes to finding the ‘perfect household staff’ – well it is very simple, that’s our job! However, whilst we will take care of everything from reviewing CVs through to the commencement of work and beyond, it can really help clients if they have a think about what their real requirements may be. Many people have never really thought about what type of household pressures and priorities they live with from day to day. If you are just starting to think about the possibility of hiring domestic staff, here are three aspects to consider to get you started:

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Relax on Holiday This Year - Holiday Nannies

One of the main benefits of employing domestic staff is that you are free to enjoy more quality time with your family. This is important on a day-to-day basis, but can be especially important when you have deliberately taken time out to spend with your partner and family. When you go on holiday, you can take a nanny with you, to ensure that you can fully relax at all times, happy in the knowledge that your children are being well looked after too.

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Benefits of being a domestic staff employer

Having your own domestic staff can be a wonderful privilege and most of all it is a great help to your household. Whether you are looking to hire a chef, nanny, gardener, chauffeur, butler or other members of staff, here are some of the benefits:

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10 Reasons Why you Should Hire a Gardener

Having a gardener is considered a luxury by some, an absolute necessity for others. There is no doubt that have a pair – or more - of skilled horticultural hands can prove to be a fantastic asset and there is no need to own an estate the size of Balmoral either. We look at 10 great reasons to hire a gardener:

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