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Hiring a governess in Belgravia will undoubtably bring countless benefits to your child's educational and social development, ensuring they have an advantage over their piers. During our 15 years of recruiting governess in Belgravia, we are in the perfect position to recruit the best governess available on the market today.

All of our Belgravia governess are truly passionate about working with children, they have fantastic references and background in education supported by documentation and references which are all verified by our childcare departenment prior to submission. Whether you have just started the search to find a governess in Belgravia, or you have been looking for a long time, our well trained recruiters will tailor their search to meet your requirements. We are able to provide an outstanding candidate within 45 minutes of your call +4402033184468.

For a governess to register with our agency, they must have at least 3 years experience of working in private families as well as 3 years in the education system. The majority of our available governess candidates have 5+ years of experience.

Whether you are searching for a permanent Belgravia governess, temporary Belgravia governess, part time or a full time Belgravia governess, we have hundreds of candidates registered and ready to be interviewed at a moments notice.

We ensure that the chosen recommended governess will reflect your families principals and they will fit in perfectly in to your child's life. Our candidates will always tailor their educational approach to place the needs of your child first. 

Despite being the go to governess agency in Belgravia, we continuously work on the quality of our recruitment services in helping discerning clients find a governess in Belgravia.

Governess Agency In Belgravia London

Whether your childcare requirements are in Belgravia, the rest of the UK or overseas, our recruiters specialising in childcare provide outstanding service to discerning families in London and internationally. Our head office is located in Mayfair, London and we always welcome new clients to arrange a meeting at our offices or at a location which suits you best.

Тhe quality of service, the extended guarantee period as well as a refund policy is what makes us the perfect governess agency in Belgravia. Our clients feel confident to recommend us to their friends and families, due to this, 70% of new business at Perfect Household Staff comes through referrals. As a leading governess agency in Belgravia, we take great pride in building and maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients.

We always tailor our search to your families' individual wishes. Our excellent governess will ensure that you are fully satisfied with their work by compiling progress reports for your children, leasing with your child's school and after school clubs. You will be able to track how well your child progresses in written reports, you will notice their confidence improving as well as experience countless other benefits of hiring a governess.

Our experienced, dedicated and professional recruitment consultant ensure to meticulously match every applicant prior to CV submission. We are strongly against wasting our clients time by submitting unsuitable CVs.

Our Childcare Departenment's Vetting Procedures

Your privacy and security will remain our top priority. Our childcare departenment utilise the strictest vetting procedures in every potential governess we interview. Our reputation is unmatched due to our vetting protocols and they are well known in the domestic staffing community. Many other agencies strive to meet our vetting standards.

Belgravia Governess Salary:

Hourly: From £15.00 / Hour Net

Yearly Gross: From £45,000.00 / Year Net

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